Energybolizer Original Formula
Original tried and true multi-herbal formula with patented chromium ratio for more energy, increased fat metabolism and a myriad of other multiple health benefits.

Energybolizer FUSION formula
Our Newest addition to our lineup; Fusion formula has been made to help further curb appetite and cravings throughout the day and meant to be “FUSED” with the Original/Advanced formula and Tea, hence the name “Fusion”. 

Energybolizer Perfect Weight Tea
The absolute best Detox/digestive support tea in the market!!! Formulated in 2008 and perfected throughout the years. Removes build-up fecal matter accumulation within walls of digestive tract and the colon, supports gut-flora with pre-biotics and doesn’t deplete important electrolytes. Will help visually flatten distended abdomens and further promote a healthy weight a digestive system.

Energybolizer kit