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Water Benefits, Dehydration and Other Alternatives

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Sometimes water seems quite boring and very much hard to remember to drink. That's why I'm here to remind you why you shoud be drinking it and making it part of your routine.

Why you should drink water more:

  • Hydrating your internal organs, allowing them to work the way they're supposed to

  • Your skin getting hydrated and keeping it looking refreshed and healthy

  • Your weight getting controlled, (water is vital, and the most effective weight management tool)

  • An increase in energy

  • Helps alleviate/prevent variety of ailments by keeping the immune system healthy

  1. Constipation: Increasing water intake can help with constipation, a very common problem.

  2. Cancer: Some studies show that those who drink more water have a lower risk of bladder and colorectal cancer, although other studies find no effect.

  3. Kidney stones: Increased water intake may decrease the risk of kidney stones.

  4. Acne and skin hydration: There are a lot of anecdotal reports about how water can help hydrate the skin and reduced acne. So far, no studies have confirmed or refuted this.

  • Keeping your body temperature regulated

  • Daily fushing toxins and waste

Early Symptoms for Dehydration:

  • Dark urine with odor

  • Weight loss during exercise

  • Muscle cramps

  • Dizziness

  • Fatigue (over 50% of routine fatigue can be alleviated with proper hydration)

  • Nausea

Don't forget that this can be properly prevented with the intake of water.


  • Coconut water is the best re-hydrant because it matches the exact electrolyte profile of our blood plasma. It is nature’s Gatorade!

How to start drinking water part of you daily routine:

  • Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember. But the main thing to remember is that it also depends on the individual. Many factors (both internal and external) ultimately affect your need for water.

  • Start when you first wake up. Your body is dehydrated from having spent an entire cycle not drinking any liquids. Which is why sometimes its hard to wake up.

  • If you dont want your water to be bland you can start with 8 ounces of room temperature water with juice of half a lemon. The 8 ounces wakes up the digestive system and will touch every organ, signaling metabolism to begin for the day. The juice from the lemon will flush out excess acid your body has been collecting from the joints while you were sleeping.

  • Drinking water about half an hour before a meal can help reduce calories you end up consuming. Also drinking room temperature water between meals so it will not dilute your precious digestive enzymes that help deliver nutrients from your food, (drinking cold or ice water slows or freezes the digestive process). Drinking just hot water throughout the day (tea and lemon) is also a wonderful habit to consistently flush the lymphatic system and keep your immune system healthy.

  • Drinking cold water does have its benefits. Drinking cold water during exercise can help keep your body from overheating and make your workout session more successful. This is probably because drinking cold water makes it easier for your body to maintain a lower core temperature.

  • Don't forget thirst is a sign of lack of water so make sure to drink before the symptoms of dehydration kick in.


  • Plain water is not the only drink that contributes to your fluid balance. Other drinks and foods can have a significant effect.

  • One myth is that caffeinated drinks, such as coffee or tea, don’t help you hydrate because caffeine is a diuretic. In fact, studies show that the diuretic effect of these beverages is very weak.

  • Most foods are also loaded with water. Meat, fish, eggs and especially fruits and vegetables all contain significant amounts of water.

  • Note: If you don’t drink enough water because it seems boring to you, then make fruit water.

  • The combos I made for today’s show are:

  1. 1/8-cup fresh or frozen blueberries and 6 basil leaves.

  2. 1/8-cup fresh or frozen raspberries and 6 mint leaves.

  3. ¼ grapefruit, lemon, & lime, sliced. 8-10 mint leaves for an entire pitcher.

(make sure to check out our other posts for more info!)

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