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Perks of Using Rice Water for Skin & Hair

Rice is so delicious and is a staple in many dishes, but did you know it can also be used as a beauty product. Strange? Yes. Surprisingly though it is one of the best things to do, it can be used to enhance your skin and hair.

Allow us to share with you a few of these awesome and informative tips regarding rice water and beauty care.

Promoting Hair Growth.

The amino acids and vitamins in the rice water helps with hair regeneration. These include Vitamins B, C, & E. When applying rice water to your hair consistently over time, you may tend to notice an overall natural growth in hair length, while adding a thick luxurious feel to your locks.

Hair Detangler.

Not only is rice water great for hair growth. It also helps to smooth out the follicles and prevent your hair from becoming tangled.

Prevents Hair Damage.

Rice water contains carbohydrates, one of them including inositol which acts as a protective shield and has even been known to repair damaged hair from sun and bleach, including hair dye products.

Keeps Hair Shiny.

Soaking your hair in rice water a couple of times a week strengthens the roots and increase hair volume allowing the hair to remain shiny and feel smooth.

Skin Toner.

Use a cotton ball dipped in rice water to work as a natural toner to clean and massage your skin. Can also be used as a facial mask to remove blemishes, acne, and blackheads.

So, you’re probably wondering, how do I use it? Well, it’s quite simple! You’ll need a few simple ingredients that can be acquired from your local grocery store or supermarket.


1 cup of cleaned raw unboiled rice

4 cups room temperature water (tap water works fine)

A few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Add the rice to a bowl and mix in the water, using a spoon to mix together.Let it sit out for about 25-30 minutes. Room temperature works fine, no need to refrigerate.Using a strainer, strain out the rice leaving behind the rice water.Add essential oils of your choice. (We choose 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop sandalwood.)When in the shower, rinse your hair thoroughly with the rice water, then using cold water to rinse hair once more.

You can use conditioner in your hair after you have rinsed it using the rice water, but seeing as it also acts as a natural conditioner, we didn’t really see a need to do so. The choice is absolutely up to you though.

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