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Foods that Can Help Turn Off Stress Hormones to Stop Weight Gain

A tendency many seem to fall on is stress eating that can lead to BIG problems, which include skinny jeans no longer fitting to medical problems. Well, what if I told you there was a way to stress eat and lose weight. Sounds very sketchy I know, but eating is a big part of being human, so why not find these healthy alternatives that will also help fight said stress. Especially during times like these where we are experiencing a global epidemic.

Yes stress is a normal feeling, and is actually good for us in short terms. That form of stress is called acute stress. It does not last long and is a good reaction for the body because they can help you handle any situation causing stress. This is a way, your body is protecting itself. Your is body reacting to stress by releasing hormones. They make your brain more alert, causing your muscles to tense, and increase your pulse. Which can be helpful when you slam on the brakes, have an argument with your anyone, or ski down a steep slope. It helps you manage dangerous situations. It also occurs when you do something new or exciting. All people have acute stress at one time or another.

Unfortunately, when you have chronic stress, your body stays alert, even though there is no danger. When you are feeling stressed, it means your body is producing high levels of the hormone cortisol. In this stressful state, cortisol is responsible for storing body fat, and belly fat in particular, according to Yale researchers.

Over time, this puts you at risk for health problems, including:

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Obesity

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Skin problems, such as acne or eczema

  • Menstrual problems

On a positive note ,eating said chronic stress away with certain foods might fight against cortisol. So maybe next time you go shopping you can add these to your shopping list to help fight your stress. Many of these foods are packed with nutrients, such as Vitamin C that help reduce feeling stressed. Snacking on these vitamin-C rich foods are a step to lowering cortisol levels and stress; each one contains more than 20 percent of your daily value.

20. Cherries Tart and sweet, cherries are like nature’s candy. They’re about 81 percent water by volume, so they do a great job of filling you up with very few calories. A single cup has a quarter of the day’s vitamin C. Thanks to their melatonin compounds, cherries are also a wonderful sleep aid.

19. Cranberries Although they are primarily known for their UTI fighting capabilities, cranberries are among the fruits lowest in sugar, which make them a tasty treat and a nice addition to any salad or smoothie.

18. Asparagus This diuretic vegetable is one of the top plant-based sources of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid which serves as the foundation for serotonin stimulation. When the body produces more serotonin, it can greatly boost your mood. Asparagus also has high levels of folate, a nutrient that can help fight depression.

17. Blueberries The little blue wonder does so many things at once that it’s unbelievable. Blueberries can boost brain power, blast belly fat, help your heart, lower blood pressure, fight free radicals, and most importantly, fend off hunger pains. Feel free to add it to your smoothie, salad, or eat them alone as a snack!

16. Tomatoes Conventionally grown tomatoes are good for you, but research has shown that organically grown tomatoes are exceptionally great for your health. They have higher levels of disease-fighting polyphenols and vitamin C.

15. Turnips Turnips are very high in fat-blasting phytochemicals and vitamin C. They are also rich in fiber. As an added bonus, turnips contain glucosinolates, a chemical that gives the turnips their bitter taste and has been shown to reduce inflammation that can eventually lead to prostate cancer, according to a study published in BJU International.

14. Potatoes It is quite safe to eat this starch and still reap the flat-belly benefits. Potatoes give you an instant dose of potassium and fiber. And when you bake them rather than boil them, you can reap the vitamin C benefits.

13. Raspberries This tiny berry is packed with antioxidants, insoluble fiber, and vitamin C, all of which help combat fat and inflammation while simultaneously keeping you full and satisfying that sweet tooth.

12. Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are low on the glycemic index, but also high in fiber and keep you full, which makes them a favorite for everyone looking to get good nutrition from their meals. They are also loaded with antioxidants that help stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance, which prevents calories from being converted into fat.

11. Red Cabbage Boiling red cabbage can unlock a load of antioxidants and is also a great source of vitamin C. Add it to your favorite salad to eat a nourishing meal.

10. Bok Choy Bok choy gives you a boost of vitamin C and also helps prevent hair loss. It’s so high in iron that it is a great way to treat your hair and help your ferritin levels.

9. Tangerines They’re a sweet, citrusy fruit that can provide almost 90 percent of the day’s vitamin C in a single serving.

8. Cauliflower Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that is a great flat-belly food, but also a great substitute for high carb, starchy food.

7. Cantaloupe Stress is more harmful than one can imagine, as it can also diminish your energy and libido. Thankfully, eating a cup of cantaloupe can give you a day’s worth of vitamin C and can also help with fat burning.

6. Green Peas They’re small but incredibly strong. One cup of these little green peas can provide you with eight times the protein of a cup of spinach and almost an entire day’s worth of cortisol-crushing vitamin C.

5. Mango This sweet, yellow fruit can give you a day’s worth of vitamin C in every cup and help you slim down. 4. Kiwi One single kiwi can provide you with a day’s worth of vitamin C. This fruit can help combat fatigue, depression, and anxiety, according to a Journal of Nutritional Science study 3. Oranges Known as the MVP of vitamin C, oranges are also a great source of fiber and potassium and rich in cancer-fighting citrus limonoids.

2. Passion Fruit Aside from its vitamin C compounds, passion fruit is a great source of vision-protecting vitamin A and satiating fiber.

1. Grapefruit Bursting with vitamin C, a grapefruit a day can keep your stress hormones at bay. Not to mention that grapefruits are a great way to lose weight and burn belly fat, as well as reduce your cholesterol levels.

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