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Alternatives For Breakfast, Lunch, Or A Snack

Healthy eating is vital to keeping a healthy lifestyle. So here are some food choices to help make that change that may seem slow but change isn't always instantaneous its progress and hard work. Hope this helps out.


-For protein shakes you can go with milk, a banana, a little cocoa powder, and a scoop of protein powder, flavors can vary. You can also add peanut butter as well. Also, if you are going the vegan route or go through lactose intolerance or sensitivity, almond, rice, coconut, hemp soy, and cashew milk are good alternatives.

- With yogurt, you can make a healthy bowl by itself, or if you're craving a little bit more a fun food a parfait with granola and berries, fruit, etc will do the trick. Just watch the contents of the yogurt, make sure that it isn’t too loaded with sugar.

-Oatmeal can be bland sometimes so don't hesitate to throw some berries or banana slices on top. A slight reccommendation in making oatmeal, make it with milk for its protein content and it adds taste. If you prefer oatmeal with water, be sure to get your protein somewhere. Like egg, glass of milk or some nuts.

-Eggs and toast can be a simple and straightforward meal. A couple of eggs prepared any way you like, plus a slice of whole-grain toast. You can also spread avocado on it or add some fruit. If you want more food, just be sure to maintain the ratio.

-Scrambled eggs is also an easy healthy option. Just scramble two eggs with some fresh veggies, like green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, broccoli or even artichokes. Add a whole grain English muffin and your meals complete.

- High-fiber cereal with milk (any of th ealternatives will do as well) will help even the ratio, but you won’t need any more starch than the cereal itself. You can add fruit on top, like berries or bananas. Be mindful when buying it that your cereal doesn’t have lots of sugar.


-A sandwich, with whole grain is the best choice. Meats should be unprocessed, so more chicken, turkey and roast beef, etc. Remember that your bread counts as a starch, so any sides ought to be fruit or veggies, or even soup.

-For a tuna salad, all you need to do is skip the mayonnaise, in favor of a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Put it in some whole-grain crackers with an apple, pear or grapes.

-Eggs for lunch can go well with salad, and a good starch options include whole-grain bread and pitas. Hard or soft boiled eggs are a great source of protein, especially for vegetarians, you can even keep them in the fridge as snacks.

-Salads with lettuce (which is probably obvious), remember the options available, such as: arugula, spinach, or simply a mixed green base. Other veggies and fruits are easy to pick, just be sure to include nuts, beans or grilled chicken as a protein source. Be careful of using a dressing with a lot of sugar, such as fruit-flavored varieties.

-Extra leftovers left at dinner, is an easy way to have a quick, healthy meal for lunch the next day. Take note of how much is left, like the size of protein, starch, and how many veggies there are. Try to compensate for anything that might be missing. Don’t eat leftovers more than 4 days old.

-Lunch burrito chicken is the best choice for protein, not like barbacoa and beans. Tortillas for sure count as a starch. If you want rice, the best bet is to lose the tortilla.

-Soup with some meat take count for your protein,=; though, any noodles or a bread roll will count as a starch. Soup with fresh veggies is the best ideal meal.

-Pita sandwich is the starchy beginning of many delicious options. Simply adding grilled chicken, mixed greens and hummus can make for a complete meal.


- Nuts are good snacks but be advised to avoid the honey-roasted styles and other varieties with lots of added sugar. Peanuts are actually a legume and should be limited.

-Dark chocolate square can often satisfy your sweet tooth and snack cravings with a single square. Look for a high percentage of cocoa in the chocolate, the darker the better.

- Popcorn can be a good option if you need something starchy. Although get popcorn without fake butter or sugary toppings.

-Cheese can be a good source of protein to stave off hunger. So having a wedge of cheddar or Swiss cheese is a wise choice. Also some fresh mozzarella is a delicious snack, just be sure you eat as much as you really need to get by. As always, steer clear of the processed versions.

-Some shredded coconut is an easy snack and you can keep a bag of shredded coconut in the fridge. Which is quite satisfying and easy to find.

-Hard or soft-boiled eggs can be prepared beforehand. You can stick them in the fridge, and have some ready whenever the need arises. Eggs a great source of protein, and a natural appetite suppressant.

-Fresh fruit is a convenient, healthy and delicious snack requiring almost no preparation.

- Sliced veggies can be found washed and sliced, basically ready to go in the produce section of the grocery store. This is a great option that requires no preparation.

-Greek yogurt is the best because of its high protein content. Otherwise, just be careful with your yogurt of choice, and check it isn’t loaded with sugar.

- Its common to mistake dehydration for hunger. Instead of reaching for something to eat, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes. You might as well be surprised to find that water was all you really needed.

-Coffee or tea can stave off hunger until your next meal by having something with caffeine. Coffee and tea acts as natural appetite suppressants in this regard, just don’t add sugar.

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