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Orange Pill

Lite Summer Forever 366 is a unique blend of herbs formulated for the sole purpose of weight loss.

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Benefits Of Orange Pill

Helps Burn Fat

Reduces Sizes

Control Appetite

Boost Metabolism

Increase Energy

It is a unique blend of herbs formulated for the purpose of weight loss. It also provides many health benefits, but it’s main function is to suppress the appetite. It increases the thirst, thermogenesis and metabolism of body fat significantly. This one also increases energy levels and many say even more so than the original, but everyone responds differently.

How do you use it?

As a a dietary supplement, consume 1 capsules 1 time per day before for your first meal.


The key to fat loss is burning more calories than you consume. However, the longer you sustain a calorie deficit, the more likely you are to degrade your metabolism, which can slow your results to a halt. Orange Pill will help keep your body’s fat burning.



Orange Pill supports the brain function with the minerals needed to naturally balance control for food cravings, appetite, mild anxiety, mood swings, and food addictions.

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Quickly boost your energy and stay awake on those long, exhausting days without the crash or jitters.

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